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Asphalt Distributor


It is the main machinery used for constructing the highway, road, airport and port of the city. This road-constructing equipment is composed of the chassis, asphalt tanks, asphalt pump, spray system, heat conduction oil-heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic systems, operating platform, etc. Asphalt distributor can be divided into LMT5160GLQ asphalt distributor (standard), LMT5160GLQ-1 asphalt distributor (semi-intelligentized), and ZQZ5161GLQ asphalt distributor (intelligentized).

During the construction and the maintenance of asphalt pavement, the asphalt distributor can be used to transport and sprinkle the liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residual). In addition, it can also supply asphalt to the loosen soil. This vehicle can be applied to the construction of stabilized asphalt pavement or basement.

When we constructing the highway, the intelligent asphalt distributor can be used to sprinkle the asphalt on prime coat oil, waterproof layer, and tack coat. It can also sprinkle the high viscosity modified asphalt, heavy traffic paving PETroleum asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, etc. In addition, this asphalt distributor can also be applied to the construction of county and township road and pavement.

LMT5160GLQ-1 Asphalt Distributor (Standard)
Model LMT5160GLQ-1 Engine Model WD615.62
Chassis Model EQ1168G7DJ2 Displacement (L) 9.726
Truck Type Flat head 4×2    rear drive Max. Power (kw/r/min) 196/2200
Dimension 9660×2480×3350 Max. Torque (N·m/r/min) 1100/1400-1600
(L×W×H) mm
Cab Passenger 3 Cleaning Diesel Tank Capacity (L) 60
Vehicle kerb Mass (kg) 11870 Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 145
Rated Load Mass (kg) 4000 Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L) 90
Max. Total Mass (kg) 16000 Gearbox Model 8JS10013
Distribution of Axle Load       (KG) Front Axle (no load) 5020    
Front Axle (full load) 6500    
Rear Axle (no load) 6850 Asphalt Pump Model HD101
Rear Axle (full load) 9500 Asphalt Pump Displacement (ml/r) 1600
Wheelbase (mm) 5000 Asphalt Pump Rotating Speed (r/m) 600
Tread (front/rear) mm 2022/1830 Power Take-off Model 211/70 PQ1-3
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 248 Burner Model G20-474T1
Suspension (front/rear) mm 1500/2980 Hydraulic Pump Model CBQ-F563AFP
Approach/Departure Angle (°) 34/12 Hydraulic Motor Model GM05-90-8H
Ramp Angle (°) 23 Rated Pressure (Mpa) 16
Max. Speed (km/h) 90 Heat Conducting Oil Pump Model BRY40-25-160
Working Speed(km/h) 2.5~10.5 Heat Conducting Oil Model Great Wall 32#
Max. Grade ability (%) >23 Asphalt Tank Capacity (L) 10000
Tyre Model 11.00-20×16PR Nozzle 39
Tyre Pressure front/rear (kPa) 630/630 Spraybar Variable (m) 2~6
Main Drive Ratio 4.22 Spraybar Value (kg/m2) 0.5~3.0
Max. Braking Distance (m) <10 Emission Standard GB17691-2001(Ⅱ)
Min. Turning Circle Dia. (m) <23.8 GB3847-1999
Oil Consumption (L/100km) <26    
Parking Gradient (%) >20    
Annex 2: Quality guarantee limit easily damaged(LMT5160GLQ-FREE)
No. Name Type Unit Quantity
Chassis parts
1 generator JFWZB29 piece 1
2 Fan belt 1550 piece 4
3 Engine oil case 1008A piece 2
4 Diesel oil case 0710B4 piece 2
5 Air case 1109QF16-020 piece 2
6 Brake cylinder cup 3519C-045 piece 4
7 Starting motor QD252 piece 1
8 Engine oil sensor 819QA-010 piece 2
9 Ignition switch 37QA-04010 piece 2
10 Clutch disc 255MF6 plate 2
11 Clutch Master Cylinder 1604QA-010 piece 2
12 Clutch Cylinder 1605QK-010 piece 2
13 Air pressure indicator C-1Y60-ET piece 1
14 Engine repair bag 4102QB-0011 piece 2
Asphalt system(specialty)parts
1 Driving shaft BJ212-235 piece 1
2 High pressure asphalt hose 5m radix 2
3 Copper nozzle   piece 4
4 Nozzle component element   set 2
5 Electromagnetic valve 4V210-08-24V piece 5
6 Small cylinder MAL32X75 piece 2
7 Nozzle special ball valve   set 2
8 Self-induced pipe   set 1
9 V-Belt A1295  A1041 piece 2
10 Sealing ring 65×5.5 piece 4
11 High-temperature brake valve 1'' X43W piece 1
12 High-temperature brake valve 2'' Q41PPL16 piece 1
13 Hydraulic oil element(big) RFA-100×30 piece 1
14 Hydraulic oil element(small) QUQ2 piece 1
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