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Bulk Powder Truck/Bulk Cement Truck

Bulk Powder Truck

Bulk Powder Truck
The truck is widely used for loading, unloading, transportation, storage and operation of bulk cement. It is equipped with air operated loading, discharge and separation units for bulk cement. This truck features high efficiency, no pollution, small loss of cement and high quality, etc.
1. Heavy-duty chassis has large loading capacity and strong cross performance; large volume containers can meet the requirement of mass cementing.
2. This bulk powder truck/bulk cement truck is powered by truck engine; self-supplying air source; it can work continuously in severe conditions.
3. Both vertical and horizontal tanks for loading and discharge of bulk cement are available.
4. Air-cement separator (optional) at discharge end separates the air from cement, which can improve the working environment of site.

Dongfeng Double Bridge Bulk Cement Truck

Vehicle Description Of Dongfeng Double Bridge Bulk Cement Truck
Product Dongfeng double bridge bulk cement truck
Chassis model EQ1208GJ6
Payload(kg) 8000
Engine model EQB210-20
Displacement/Power(ml/kw) 5880/155
Actual cubage(m3) 1.2
Chassis Description Of Dongfeng Double Bridge Bulk Cement Truck
Overall dimension(mm) 11500×2480×3650
Wheelbase(mm) 5350+1300
Transmission 6 gear mechanical transmission, double pole remote control (Choose to fix SAGGW 8 stalls gear box)
Steering gear Power steeriing
Braking system Manual valve spring braking
Clutch Diaphragm spring clutch, Dia φ395MM
Front axle End fist type, I-beam structure, 5T
Rear axle Ramming welding bridge shell, through mid-rear bridge 10T×2 the reduction ratio 6.166
Frame description Stamping riveting structure, the outer width of frame assembly 861MM
Max section area 280×80×(7+5)mm
Cab Non-longheaded cab, whole metal-enclosed,twisted bar type, turntable. three-seat with sleeper, adjustable driver seat
Air-condition Choose to fix non-fluorine air-condition
Engine Description of Dongfeng Double Bridge Bulk Cement Truck
Engine model EQB210-20
Type Water-cooling, 6-in-line supercharged inner-cooling diesel engine
Max power(kw) 155
Displacement(ml) 5880
Max torque(N. m) 700
Cylinder diameter/Stroke(mm) 102 /120
Fuel type Diesel
Manufacturer Dongfeng Commins Diesel Engine Co., Ltd
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