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  • LXH1000D Milling Machine1. Imported tyres feature high wear resistance and long service life, making sure the adhesive performance of depth milling working. 2. Adopt full hydraulic drive system to reduce the machine impact during milling operation, and equip with the imported pumps, motors, and high-quality hydraulic parts to ensure the machine reliability. The milling drums adopt the optimized design ...
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Road Milling Machinery

Road Milling Machinery

An asphalt road milling machine is mainly used for asphalt pavement and maintenance during the road constructions. This road milling machinery is suitable for removing upheaval, oil waves, pit slots, cracks, and tracing ruts in asphalt pavement of arterial highway constructions. It is also known as cold milling machine or road milling machinery in general place.
Our asphalt road milling machine is well equipped with quick rotor change device, gear box, and so on. Those parts, including dust removal system, electric switch automatic leveling system, remote manipulation system, hydraulic components are of great quality from internationally renowned companies which in turns assure the performance of the equipment. 

It is already over 30 years that an asphalt road milling machine was used in the road processing. In the early years, it is obvious that streets were getting much higher curbs and as a result, the drainage of the roadway became an increasingly bad problem. This road milling machine is a bit like a grader in shape and size, but there is a 30-inch-wide (760 mm) milling head, that a scraper blade would normally set in. Also there is cutting drum that is set into action by a rather large hydraulic pump.
During years of development, the road milling machinery becomes much larger. The asphalt road milling machines elaborate conveyor systems to reduce the labor of picking up the material from the roadway. And there are more and more asphalt aggregates that need cold milling machines to process. These new production road milling machines are designed to tackle any mix design they chew into. Some of the larger machines, depending on the depth of the cut, can cut close to 15,000 square yards (13,000 m2) a day, at 75 feet per minute.
When operating an asphalt milling machine, it is always required specialized training. The operator should stand on the deck of the machinery and operate the different function by different controllers. In the mean while, another person on the ground should control the cutting depth. It is also need to keep eyes out for obstructions in the roadway such as manholes and/or water valves. It is typically important to learn via on-the-job training. Newer machines require two or more persons to operate to make it running smoothly.
Typical: LXH1300 Asphalt Road Milling Machine
Type: wheel Road Milling Machinery
Model LXH1300 asphalt road milling machine is high efficient construction equipment for mechanical maintenance of road. It is suitable for milling asphalt road, airport, square etc. It also fits for smoothening bitumen protuberance, rut tracks, and increasing roughness of low frictional road. It is equipped with conveyor for material milled to the trucks.
The Road Milling Machinery is wheel-typed and of full hydraulic driving. The machine features advanced structure, good stable function, easy control and high efficiency. Most of the  key parts of this Road Milling Machinery are imported directly or made by imported technology.
Milling width: 1300 mm
Milling depth: 0—120 mm
Milling speed: 0—14 m/min
Road Milling Machinery Traveling speed: 0—12 km/h
Conveyor belt width: 450 mm
Max. Discharge Height: 3500 mm
Min. slope climbing: 15%
Min. turn diameter: 19 m with conveyor
Min. ground clearance: 80 mm
Machine weight: 15800 kg
Overall Size: 10640×2430×3100(mm)
Engine for asphalt road milling machine:
Road Milling Machinery Model: D6114ZG1B
Type: 6 cylinders, water-cooled, forced induction engine
Power: 140kW
Rotating speed: 2300r/min
Fuel consumption: 228g/kW.h

Power Transmission
The machine is wholly hydraulic driven. Power from the engine is transmitted to the resilient coupling to the pumps in series, which consists of working pump and traveling pump. The auxiliary twin gear pump is mounted on the engine front gear seat.
Working Driving
It consists of working pump, working motor, speed reducer and milling drum. The overload protective valve and pressure shut off valve are mounted on the working motor.
Traveling Driving of asphalt road milling machine
It consists of traveling pump, traveling motor, transmission case, transmission shaft, front steering driving axle and wheel. There are high and low speed levels with infinitely variable speed. It is operated manually. The traveling speed would be adjusted variable between 0 and max. Both for machine operation and site transfer.
Road Milling Machinery Auxiliary Driving
The auxiliary twin gear pump supply's power in two ways, one way to the turning cylinder, the rear wheel lifting cylinder, the conveyor hopper gate cylinder, the conveyor up/down cylinder and the swing cylinder through the priority valve, the other way to drive the conveyor motor.
Steering for this Road Milling Machinery
It is steered by the front axle and is hydraulically driven.
Traveling brake is realized through the hydraulic system by operating the traveling pump. Parking brake or emergency brake is accomplished by the hoof-shaped manual brake mounted at the transmission case output.

Chassis and Front Axle
The chassis is of whole steel plate structure for enough intensity and rigidity. The chassis is connected with the front axle through swing frame. The angle of the front axle to the chassis center can be adjusted within 5 degrees for hard road. The front axle is produced with France SOMA technology imported.

Rear Wheels of asphalt road milling machine
The left and right rear wheels are driven wheels, which are connected with the chassis through independent support. The right rear wheel can rotate forward 180 degrees into the chassis to realize curb milling. The left and right rear wheels are hydraulic driven up and down, which can be linked or operate indepently.

Operation Device
The operation panel has monitor instruments for overall operation situation. All the operating organs are positioned around the chair. Milling depth can be read directly on the left and right up/down staff guages.

Working Device
It consists of speed reducer, milling drum and whole cover. The working device is positioned between the two rear wheels. Milling cutters and holders are arrayed spirally, which are imported directly. The cutters are plug in for installation, which can be replaced easily.

Discharge Device
The tail gate and the milling drum left and right sideboards form working cavity. The tail gate is of flashboard type. Wearable alloy scraper is mounted at the bottom of the tail gate to make sure the materials milled are conveyed clearly. The discharge port is at the middle of the tail gate, through which the material milled is discharged. The discharge device can be folded up through the gate cylinder for check and milling cutters replacement.

Conveyor of Road Milling Machinery
The belt conveyor is hung at the rear of the machine and is hinged with the discharge device. Its frame is of welded skeleton structure. The conveyor speed can be adjusted infinitely variable. The discharge height and swing angle can be adjusted according to the position and height of the truck.

Electrical System
It is of 24V DC and equipped with two batteries. The cathode is bonding.

Auto Leveling Device
The asphalt road milling machines are equipped with digital auto leveling system and adjust the milling depth through sensor check compared with criteria. Wedge type milling can be easily realized when to set the leveling device left and right separately.

Sprinkle System
The machine is equipped with big capacity water tank and pressure unit for water pump. The system sprinkles water inside the working cavity to cool the milling cutters and to reduce the dust.

Top Canopy
It is of whole assembly and the cloth is waterproof and anti-sunburn.

Main Characteristic
1. Powerful and Reliable Engine
Water-cooled, forced induction engine made with USA CUMMINS technology imported, strong power, excellent powerful and reliable.

2. Mobile and Flexible Traveling
Imported high-wearable tyres with long life ensure the adhesive performance of depth milling working.  

3. Quality Hydraulic Components
Wholly Hydraulic driven system could relax impact of milling operation, and realized safety of system. Imported pump, motor and high quality hydraulic component make sure the asphalt road milling machine reliability.

4. Optimal Designed Milling Drum
Imported milling cutters arrayed spirally, reasonable dispose, stable operation, trim notch and high productivity.

5. Omniberaing Display of Working Situation

Main Components
1. Model D6114ZG1B engine made in China with CUMMINS technology
2. Front transaxle produced with France SOMA technology
3. Hydraulic Pump and motor of this Asphalt Road Milling Machine are imported from Italy SAM
4. Working motor and speed reducer imported from Germany Rexroth
5. Twin gear pump of this Road Milling Machinery is imported from USA Eton
6. Milling cutter and holders imported from USA KENNAMETAL
7. Pressure gauge and quick-change fitting imported from USA
8. Tyres imported from Taiwan EVERPAD
9. Contactor of the Asphalt Road Milling Machine is imported from Germany

Note: All the technical specifications mentioned above will maybe change as the technology development. Please refer to the final offer.

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