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Road-Sweeping Truck

Road-Sweeping Truck

This truck can be widely used to clean the road, square, airports, ports, highway and large factories and so on.
Production Instructions:
1. This road-sweeping truck is driven by well wear-resisting automatic clutch to ensure the idling starts and stops of vice engine.
2. The import hydraulic component adopts the integrated overlay. The cab adopts electro-hydraulic centralized control. It is easy to operate.
3. This water container of this road-sweeping truck is stainless. Therefore, there is no remaining water in the container during work.
4. The sweeper on this truck has the function of anti-collision. It can keep clear automatically by the hydraulic control.
5. The float suction nozzle is installed on the back of this road-sweeping truck. It can adjust automatically to adapt to the uneven situation of the ground. The debugging and maintenance is very convenience.
6. This road-sweeping truck can adjustable spray the water with mist shape to remove the dust. This can eliminate the secondary pollution and save water.
7. This road-sweeping truck has streamlined appearance. This design is eye-pleasing. It can save oil consumption. Low noise allows you to enjoy your working.


EQ1081TJ12D1 Road-Sweeping Truck (Dongfeng Duolika)


1. The chassis of this EQ1081TJ12D1 road-sweeping truck is from the well-known brand in domestic. Its discharge conforms to the standards of Europe Ⅲ. The structure of the truck is compact and the performance is stable. In addition, it has long service life.
2. The cab with wide vision is comfortable and safe. And the operation is easy.
3. The EQ1081TJ12D1 road-sweeping truck is energy conservation and environmental protection. The emissions of chassis and vice engine both can meet the standard of Euro Ⅲ. The vice engine is match with automatic on-off device imported from Germany. This can ensure no-load start of the vice engine and the smoothly running of the fan. Therefore, the vehicle can work with low noise and less fuel consumption.
4. Due to the unique structure design, the EQ1081TJ12D1 road-sweeping truck can achieve the perfect combination of clearing system and suction system. This ensures the high cleaning and pumps efficiency.
5. The cleaning system of EQ1081TJ12D1 road-sweeping truck is advanced and reasonable.
6. All cleaning action is completed by the hydraulic compression. It can achieve central control in the cab.

Technical Parameters:
Item Dongfeng Duolika Road-Sweeping Truck Overall dimension(mm) 5980×2140×2500
Chassis model EQ1081TJ12D1 Body dimension(mm)  
Total mass(kg) 8495 Approach angle/departure angle(°) 24/15
Rated quality (kg) 3100 Front overhang/rear overhang (mm) 1210/1490
Kerb weight (kg) 5200 Max. speed(km/h) 90
Axle load 3400/5095
Chassis Technical Parameters of EQ1081TJ12D1 Road-Sweeping Truck
Chassis model EQ1081TJ12D1 Batch 193
Axles number 2 Fuel type Diesel
Axle distance(mm) 3100 Front wheel base(mm) 1770
Passenger number in cab 3 Back wheel base(mm) 1602
Tyre number 6 Spring number 7/8+5,8/10+7
Tyre size 7.50-16,8.25-16,7.50R16,8.25R16
Vehicle introduction The cab selection depends on the chassis.
Engine Parameter of EQ1081TJ12D1 Road-Sweeping Truck
Engine type Engine manufacturer Displacement(ml) Power(kw)
CY4102-C3C CY4102-E3C Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co. , Ltd
Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co. , Ltd
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