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ZJRWN3GG01P Electrical Power Vehicle

Electrical Power Vehicle

This product can be introduced to various industries, such as electric power, petroleum, exploration, railway, municipal administration, communication, water supply, etc. This electrical power vehicle can also be applied to the maintenance, emergency rescue and disaster relief in our daily life.
1. The reliable chassis of our electrical power vehicle is from Dongfeng Automobile or NAC (Nanjing Automobile Co., LTD.). It could work normally with a number of diesel engines. The pollution discharge can meet the requirement of National 3rd standard.
2. This electrical power vehicle adopts the advantages of foreign classic vehicle. Meanwhile, the design is improved though unique innovation.
3. The electrical power vehicle features elegant appearance, large space, comfortable seat, etc.  Some special equipment can be installed, such as air conditioner, audio-visual system, generators, and so on.

ZJRWN3GG01P Electrical Power Vehicle
The three kinds of reliable special bus chassis is from Dongfeng Automobile. This can ensure large load capacity and large number of passengers. The petrol engine and diesel engine will be selectable. It can meet the environment protection requirement.
The advantages of ZJRWN3GG01P Electrical Power Vehicle is grave model, concise line, full of vitality and dynamism. In addition to all the selective item of WH5061XGCF series products, the winch, carrying power poles and other projects can also be selective.

Technical Parameters of ZJRWN3GG01P Electrical Power Vehicle:

Item WH5092XGCQ Electrical Power Vehicle Model ZJRWN3GG01P
Total mass 8680,9060 Tank volume  
Rated carrying-capacity 1160 Overall dimension 8720,9025×2460×3300,3350
Kerb weight 6350,6730 Body dimension  
Rated passenger 10-18 Total weight of quasi-trail car  
Permit passenger number in cab    The quality of the utilization factor  
Approach angle/departure angle 21,17.5/13 Front overhang/rear overhang 1440,1745/2580
Axles number 2 Axle distance 4700
Axle load 3150/5530,3400/5660 Max. speed 85
Others The winch, top pole bracket and oblique two fan type fold door can be chosen to install. The length of selectable winch and the top pole bracket is 9025 mm; the height is 3350 mm. The front hanging and approaching angle can be respectively 1745 mm and 17.5 °. The total quality is 9060 kg and Kerb mass is 6730 kg. The vehicle is equipped with the winch, the top pole bracket, the outdoor work lights, etc. The material of rear protection device is Q235 rectangular pipe. It adopts welding link with the chassis; the height of rear protective is 540 mm from the ground. Finally, the size of section surface is 50 mm × 295 mm.
Chassis Technical Parameters of ZJRWN3GG01P Electrical Power Vehicle
Chassis model EQ6870KS3Q Chassis name Coach chassis
Brand Dongfeng Automobile Manufacturer Dongfeng Automobile
Overall dimension 8660×2370× Tyre number 6
Approach angle/departure angle   Tyre size 9.00-20,9.00R20
Steel spring number 10/12 Front wheel base 1950
Fuel type Gasoline Back wheel base 1800
Discharge standard GB11340-2005,GB18285-2005,GB14762-2008 NationalⅢ
Engine type Engine manufacturer Displacement Power
EQ6100-30 Dongfeng Automobile 5420 99
Selectable items: the plastic chair, pillowcase, curtain, the flap chair, fully enclosed fence door, all kinds of special tool box, mobile TV, CD, winch, spring drawbar, electric welding machine, electric generator, the wire disc, and other special equipment.
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