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Concrete Mixer Plant

Concrete Mixer Plant

A concrete batching plant is a device to create concrete mixers in engineering or construction projects. Generally speaking, there are static and mobile concrete mixer plants for different applications.
For the mobile concrete batching plant, when the mixture is discharged into ready mix truck (concrete transport truck) all ingredients is ready, it just needs to putting water into the plant, mixing in the truck and mixed during transport to the job site.
For the static concrete mixing plant, the above all ingredients all finished in a central location. Central mix plants differ from ready mix plants in that they offer the end user a much more consistent product, since all the ingredient mixing is done in a central location and is computer-assisted to ensure uniformity of product. A temporary batch plant is similar to the central batch plant but it can be constructed on a large job site. A concrete plant becomes central mix with the addition of a concrete mixer.


MODU90 Concrete Batching Plant
MODU90 concrete batching plants are developed based on the technology transferred from Australia Aran. The machines have excellent performance and high quality.
The machines are suitable to mix kinds of concrete, widely used for the production of ready mix concrete and the construction of high grade slip form concrete roads, airports, docks and dams etc.
Main Technical Parameter
Throughput: 75-82m3/h
Mixer Capacity: 1.5m3
Concrete Mixer Plant Motor Power: 30×2kw
Concrete Batching Plant Agg. Metering Accuracy: ±2%
Powder Metering Accuracy: ±1%
Water Metering Accuracy: ±1%
Additive Metering Accuracy: ±1%
Concrete Mixer Plant Discharge Metering Accuracy: 3.8m
Agg. Hopper Capacity: 3×10m3
Silo Capacity: Optional (included in quotation, 3pics silo)
Main performance parameter
Concrete Batching Plant Throughput: 75-82m3/h
Concrete Batching Plant Mixer Capacity: 1.5m3/batch
Control mode: computer controls, auto and manual operation, reports printing, air-condition room.
Main Components and Systems
Agg. Supply System
Agg. Hopper: Four, load width 3,200mm, each hopper capacity 15 m3
Agg. Belt conveyor: one
Inclined belt conveyor: one
Transit hopper: one, saving weighing time. Material level is controlled.
Filler Weighting System
Weighing hopper: one, fitted with anti-arch unit on the boom, material transferred by pneumatic chute.
Water Feed System of Concrete Mixer Plant
Fitted with water pump, make-up water device to control water supply accurately.
Additive Feed System
Fitted with additive pump, accurate feed.
China SICOMA twin horizontal mixer, capacity 1.5m3/ batch, 30kW×2 electric motors, fitted with hydraulic discharge gate, three points used as switch, convenient discharge to the concrete truck.
Mixing blade and lining plate: nickel wearable alloy cast-iron, replaced very quickly.
Concrete Mixer Plant Metering System
Agg. weigher: one sets, 5000kg×4
Filler weigher: one set, 500kg×3
Water weigher: one set, 500kg×3
Additive weigher: one set, 100kg×1
Transit hopper weigher: one set, 2000kg×1
Pneumatic System
1m3/min air compressor, pipes and pneumatic components.
Control System
Computer control system with auto and manual operation modes, printing reports, recipes storage, auto safety alarm and protection system.
Concrete Mixer Plant Control room:
Centrally control room of Concrete Batching Plant
Plant Power: total 121.5kw
1. Aggregate and feed: 7.5kW×1
2. Belt conveyor: 22kW×2
3. Concrete Batching Plant Mixer: 30kW×2
4. Air compressor: 1.5kW×1
5. Hydraulic unit: 1.5kW×1
6. Water pump: 5.5kW×1
7. additive pump: 1.5kW×1
Note: Above is for your reference, it is adjusted according to different customer's demand.

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