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Backhoe Loader

1. World famous powerful diesel engine, torque converter and transmission make high traction force and loading capacity of the Backhoe Loader.
2. Hydraulic system from the world's leading suppliers ensures an efficient and reliable hydraulic working system.
3. Short cycle time improves working efficiency.
4. Stabilizer for optimum stability, optional breaking hammer, and other attachments are available for a wide range of job applications.
5. Smaller turning radius design improves Backhoe Loader maneuver ability.

Excellent performance of our Backhoe Wheel Loader
•The small turning radius design males for easy steering operation and quick reaction.
•A single lever joystick is designed for easy loader control.
•A high pressure hydraulic system is characterized by powerful output, fast and accurate reaction, which enables the working devices to generate strong lifting, turning, digging and breakout force.
•The easy-operated and over-center design of the backhoe working device ensure a balance and safe travel.
•Spacious and low-noise cab is equipped with extra-large tinted glass, independent heating and air-conditioning system.
•Optional working attachments, including breaking hammer, etc makes the machine more versatile.
•The 4-spped synchromesh transmission system with electro-hydraulic shifting control is specially designed for backhoe loaders to ensure smooth and quick shifting.
•Hydraulic multiple-disk wet braking system promotes a safe, reliable and long service life.

WZ30-25 XT860
XT870 XT876
XT876 Backhoe Loader

XT876 backhoe loader is a kind of the wheeled excavating and loading engineering machinery. It's equipped with double bucket. The digging device can be pushed in the integral frame if necessary.

Specifications and Characters
1. The Backhoe Loader works with the original imported Cummins engine. The Cummins engine is controlled by electricity and reaches Europe III exhaustion standard. It's energy-saving and environment-friendly.
2. The key parts like the case, bridge, hydraulic system, etc are imported to improve the reliability of the complete machine.
3. The running speed of XT876 backhoe loader is high. It is usually applied in the narrow ground for the small turning radius. It gains strong tractive force by 4-wheel drive.
4. The XT876 backhoe loader is equipped with the professional integral frame, which improves the operating stability.
The imported hydraulic system improves the working ability by higher control precision.
5. The whole day-lighting closed cab is furnished with the air conditioner, ROPS system. It is safe and comfortable, and the visual field is broad. It adopts the sound insulation, the heat insulation and shock attenuation.
6. The digging arm of the loader can be shifted to left or right side if necessary. When working, it can expand the digging area.
7. Various instruments such as quadruple bucket, crash hammer and twist drill are available.

Main Parameters of our Backhoe Wheel Loader:
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H): 5900×2300×3450mm
Overall Weight : 8400kg
Rated power: 82kW

 Loading Installment of our Backhoe Wheel Loader:
Bucket Capacity: 1.0m3
Dumping Height: 2825mm
Dumping reach: 745mm

Excavation installment:
Digger capacity: 0.20- 0.35m3
Max. digging depth: 4100mm
Max. digging radius: 5400mm

Overall Dimensions of the Backhoe Loader(L*W*H) 5900×2300×3450 mm
Backhoe Wheel Loader Overall Weight 8400 kg
Rated power 82 kw
Bucket Capacity of the Backhoe Loader 1.0 m3
Dumping Height 2825 mm
Dumping reach 745 mm
Backhoe Wheel Loader Digger capacity 0.20- 0.35 m3
Max. digging depth 4100 mm
Max. digging radius 5400 mm

Basic Configuration of XT876 Backhoe Loader

No. Item Fittings Factory No. Backhoe Loader Item Fittings Factory
1 Engine CUMMINS 11 Initiative Valve EATON, Jining
2 Radiator Hengxing Radiator, Weifang, Shangdong 12 Hydro-cylinder
3 Air Filter Fleetguard, Shanghai 13 Air-conditioner Visteon, Xuzhou, China
4 Gear Box Carraron, Italy 14 Hose Connectors, Hardware Fittings         Parker
5 Drive Shaft Optional for Diffrent Backhoe Loader 15
6 Rear Axle Carraron,  Italy 16
7 Front Steering Axle Carraron, Italy 17
8 Gear Pump WALVOIL, Italy 18
9 Multiway valve WALVOIL, Italy 19
10 Diverter EATON, Jining 20
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