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Wheel Loader

The wheel loader, also known as front end loader or bucket loader, is most commonly used in the construction site. This machine is mainly used to load materials such as wood chips, asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, rock, sand, etc, and transport building materials like bricks, pipe, metal bars, and digging tools over short distances.
1. We can offer all kinds of wheel loaders from 33KW to 179KW with load capacities ranging from one to six ton. Wheel loaders are available with horsepower 80 to 150, 150 to 200 and 200 to 250.
2. Our wheel loaders employ engines like CAT, Cummins and engines of Chinese makers ZF transmission, Meritor drive axle that can meet all kinds of applications. We supply parts of world brand-name like ZF, Rexroth to ensure reliability.
3. Our wheel loaders are more suitable for sharp-edged materials in constructions, and soft and muddy ground. The tracks and wheels works with better mobility and high pace and do no damage to paved roads.
4. In the meanwhile, our bucket loader equipments can be operated in two-wheel drive. Torque converter and power shift gears with powerful engine perform well and the rear wheel drive can improve the machine's digging capability.

CDM825T CDM833 CDM835E CDM843 CDM853
CDM855 CDM855E CDM855F CDM856D CDM856E
CDM858 CDM860      

888III   Wheel   Loader
Gross Power:250 kW (340 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Net Power :238 kW (324 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Operating Weight:30,000 kg
Standard Bucket Size:4.5 m3
Standard Breakout Force:260 kN
Standard Dump Clearance:3,300 mm

Engine of this wheel loader
Emission Regulation:Tier 3 / Stage IIIA
Gross Power:250 kW (340 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Net Power:238 kW (324 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Peak Torque:1,674 N·m @ 1,400 rpm
Displacement:10.8 L
Number of Cylinders:6
Aspiration:turbo air - to - air after cooled

Tansmission of the wheel loader
Transmission Type:Power Shift
Transmission Configuration:Countershaft
Torque Converter:single - stage, three - element
Maximum Travel Speed, fwd:35.5 km/h
Maximum Travel Speed, rev:25 km/h
Number of Speeds, fwd:4
Number of Speeds, rev:3

Axles of bucket loader
Differential Front Type:Conventional
Differential Rear Type:Conventional
Axle Oscillation:±13°

Steering Configuration:articulated
Steering Relief Pressure:20 MPa

Brakes of the wheel loader
Service Brake Type:wet multi disc
Service Brake Actuation:hydraulic
Parking Brake Type:auto and manual electronic controlled
Parking Brake Actuation:spring apply; hydraulic release

Main Pump Type:vane
Main Relief Pressure:20.7 MPa
Raise:7.1 s
Dump:1.6 s
Float Down Time:3.6 s
Fastest Total Cycle Time:12.3 s

Tipping Load - Straight:21,500 kg
Tipping Load - Full Turn:18,400 kg
Bucket Breakout Force:260 kN
Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height:45°
Dump Clearance at Full Height Discharge:3,300 mm
Dump Reach at Full Height Discharge:1,513 mm
Maximum Hinge Pin Height:4,490 mm
Maximum Digging Depth, Bucket Level:118 mm
Bucket Rollback at Ground Level:45°
Bucket Rollback at Carry:49°
Bucket Rollback at Maximum Height :63°
Reference Bucket :4.5 m3

Length with Bucket down:9,350 mm
Width over Tires:3,170 mm
Wheelbase:3,530 mm
Wheel Tread:2,420 mm
Ground Clearance:476 mm
Turn Angle, Either Side:38 °
Rear Angle of Departure:25 °
Turning Radius, Outside of Tire:6,760 mm
Turning Radius, Center of Tire:6,335 mm
Turning Radius, Bucket Carry:7,570 mm

TIRES of the wheel loader
Tire Size:29.5 R 25

Operating Weight:30,000 kg

Fuel Tank :445 L
Engine Oil:33 L
Cooling System:41L
Hydraulic Reservoir:250 L
Transmission and Torque Converter:70 L
Axles, each:65 L

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