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Truck Crane (Truck Mounted Crane)

Truck Crane (Truck Mounted Crane)

A truck crane, with the other name of truck mounted crane, provides the mobility for the special needs. This machine mainly consist two parts: the lower and the upper. The lower always refers to the carrier, and the upper is mainly referred as the lifting component including the boom. These are mated together through a turntable, allowing the upper to swing from side to side.

Regarding the power of this machine, there are usually equipped with single-engine machines, with the same engine powering the undercarriage and the crane. The upper referred before is the powered via hydraulics run through the turntable from the pump mounted on the lower.
There were two engines for older model designs of hydraulic truck cranes. One in the lower pulled the crane down the road and ran a hydraulic pump for the outriggers and jacks. The one in the upper ran the upper through a hydraulic pump of its own. Many older operators favor the two-engine system due to leaking seals in the turntable of aging newer design cranes.


QAY160, QAY200, QY8B, QY16, QY16C, QY25K5, QY30K5, QY35K5, QY50K-Ⅱ, QY60Kz, QY100K

Truck crane contains truck cranes and the entire ground crane, is installed in a regular car chassis or special all-terrain chassis of a crane, the advantage is good mobility, transfer quickly. Chassis performance equal to the total weight of the same vehicle load truck, comply with the technical requirements of the highway vehicles, and can be in all kinds of highway came unstuck. General on and off the bus with two control room, when working out a leg remains stable. Apply to all kinds of loading bays, wharf, and the construction site of the place such as hanging heavy homework, is production is the largest, the most widely used type of crane. Xugong truck crane comprehensive performance indicators industry leading, now has a 8 tons ~ 1200 t * all series products. Truck crane has been eight years sales world first, 2010 QAY500 xugong all the earth by China machinery industry crane won first prize

Typical: QY30K5 truck crane
QY30K5 truck crane adopts K series mature technique, new materials and technology, effectively improving the product performance and reliability. The application of the innovative techniques, such as variable lifting hydraulic system, new air conditioning, and five-segment octagon big fillet retractable jib, greatly improves the performance and grade of the machine. The modern design and reasonable layout ensure excellent travel and lifting performance.

Dimension Unit QY30K5
Overall length mm 12070
Overall width mm 2500
Overall height mm 3390
Total weight in travel kg 32400
Front axle load kg 7000
Rear axle load kg 25400
Engine model   WD615.329 / SC8DK280Q3 (domestic III)
Engine rated power kW/(r/min) 206/2200 
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min) 1160/1400  1112/1400
Max. travel speed km/h 75
Min. turning diameter m 22
Min. ground clearance mm 291
Approach angle ° 19
Departure angle ° 13
Max. grade ability % 30
Fuel consumption for 100km L 40
Main performance    
Max. rated total lifting capacity t 30
Min. rated working radius mm 3000
Turning radius at turntable tail m 3.065
Max. lifting torque kN.m 1025
Base boom m 10.1
Fully extended boom m 38.5
Fully extended boom+ jib m 46.8
Longitudinal outrigger span m 5.85
Lateral outrigger span m 6
Working speed    
Boom luffing time s 68
Boom full extension time s 150 / 140
Max. swing speed r/min ≥2.5
Max. speed of main winch (single rope) m/min ≥ 120
Max. speed of aux. winch (single rope) m/min ≥ 120

Typical: QAY160 All Terrain Crane
QAY160 All Terrain Crane is adoption of 6-axle all terrain crane chassis, automatic mechanical transmission, hydro-pneumatic suspension, full-width driver's cab, fully-covered decking plate, 6-section boom with oval profile, 2-section side-mounted jib, single cylinder for front elevation, high-positioned turntable tail, low-suspended combined counterweight, independent engine for superstructure, double inner-mounted independent winches, outside- meshed slewing ring, double two-stage H-shaped outriggers, 360full swing, total output variable displacement system, electro-hydraulic pilot proportional control. The crane has power lifting capacity, strong drive, good passing ability, wide application and reliable operation.

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Dimension Overall length mm 15900
Overall width mm 3000
Overall height mm 4000
Wheel base Axle 1, Axle 2 mm 2750
Axle 2,Axle 3,Axle 4,Axle 5, Axle 6 mm 1650
Axle 3, axle 4 mm 2000
Track mm 2590
Mass Total mass in travel state kg 70900
Axle load Axle 1, Axle 2 kg 11635
Axle 3, Axle 4 kg 11815
Axle 5, Axle 6 kg 12000
Power Crane superstructure
Rated power kW/(r/min) 162/2100
Rated torque N.m/(r/min) 854/1400
Rated speed r/min 2100
Crane carrier engine Rated power kW/(r/min) 380/1800
Rated torque N.m/(r/min) 2400/1200
Rated speed r/min 2000
Travel performance Travel speed Max. travel speed km/h 71
Min. stable travel speed km/h 2.1
Min. turning diameter m 24
Min. ground clearance mm 278
Approach angle   25
Departure angle   20
Braking distance (at 30km/h with full load) m 10
Max. grade-ability % 48
Fuel consumption for 100km l 80
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