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LJB2000 Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

Asphalt Batching Plant

The asphalt batching plant, also called asphalt mixing plant, is a kind of construction machinery and engineering machine that used to mixing asphalt in construction areas. Our asphalt mixing plant covers a range from 40 ton/h capacity to 320 ton/h. We can supply both mobile asphalt batching plant and stationary asphalt mixing plants.
Mobile asphalt batching plant comes with product temperature of 120℃~165℃, feeder hopper capacity of 0.35~2m3, aggregate size of less than 50mm, aggregate bin of 3×2.3~3×5m3, which adopts towing chassis for easy transport and installation.
Stationary asphalt batching plants come with capacity range from 0.5~4ton mixer, mixing cycle of 45 seconds, oil heater range of 200000~1000000kcol/h, cold feed bin range of 4×6 m3~5×13 m3, 230~820 kw general powered all for your choose.

LJB2000 Asphalt Hot Mix Plant
This asphalt mixing plant is developed on the basis of Japan technology. The machines are suitable to mix kinds of asphalt mixture, widely used for the construction of high grade asphalt roads and urban roads. It is batching plant. Each aggregate, filler and bitumen are metered by electronic weigher. Industry control computer is used for operation to ensure the plant reliability.
1. Asphalt Mixing Plant Output ability
To mix 2000kg asphalt each batch If average moisture content of sand is 5%, and mixing cycle is 45s, output is 160 t/h (middle sized) If average moisture content of sand is 5%, and mixing cycle is 60s, output is 120 t/h (small sized).
Material temperature: 140℃-160℃ Conditions concerned with output are as follows:
1. Average moisture content only refers the surface moisture content, moisture content inside will lower the output ability of drying drum.
2. Ambient temperature is 20℃. 3. Material density is 1600kg/m3.
4. Asphalt Batching Plant output includes filler and bitumen.
5. The proportion of aggregate must be correct and the specifications must meet the standard demand. 6. Filler density is 1120kg/m3.

2. Asphalt Mixing Plant Optional
(1). Mixed product storehouse
80mm thickness rock wool for heat, hot oil heating at bottom, electric heating to storehouse gate
Capacity: 100 t
Electric motor: 37 kW, variable speed by frequency
(2). Filler silo
Capacity: 40 m³, vertical
Screw conveyor: 5.5 kW
Filler is input to the silo by pneumatic pump from bulk truck and conveyed to the lift by screw conveyor at bottom and then conveyed to the mixer. On top of the silo is bag filter. There are high and low levels. At bottom of the silo is pneumatic anti-arch unit.
(3). Recycle filler silo
Capability: 40 m³, vertical
Bag dust filter collects all filler dust into this silo by screw, then conveyed to filler measuring hopper by another screw. There is dust filter at top of silo.
Screw conveyor: 5.5kW
(4). Used filler reclaimed system
Electrical motor:
(a) Type: Y200l-4
(b) Power: 18.5kW
(5). Liquid bitumen produce device for Asphalt Batching Plant
Production capacity of Asphalt Mixing Plant: 8t/h
Rated power: 11Kw
The power of machine
All the set: 480kw
Note: All the technical specifications mentioned above will maybe change as the technology development. Please refer to the final offer.

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