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DM-04 Dumbbell-shaped Steel Fiber

Dumbbell-shaped Steel Fiber

The length-diameter ratio of this kind of steel fiber is 40 ~50. And the tensile strength is more than 600Mpa. This kind of steel fiber is made from high quality cold rolled steel. DM-04 dumbbell-shaped steel fiber has unique shape. It is an innovation representative of cutting steel fiber. It adopts extrusion process for both ends. Therefore, the hook at both ends has well rigidity. It plays a crucial decisive role on the reinforced, toughening effect of steel fiber towards the concrete.

After comparative tests, various performance indicators of DM-04 dumbbell-shaped steel fiber are better than other shapes of steel fiber. The bonding performance of this type of steel fiber is good. The function of pulling out resistance is great. What's more, the toughness is superb.
According to the experiment, this DM-04 dumbbell-shaped steel fiber steel fiber even has second enhanced effect. It is only sheared steel fiber which can satisfy the toughness index of steel fiber concrete requirements. It can be comparable with DM-08 cold drawn steel fiber.

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