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DM-07 Micro Brass Coated Steel Fiber

DM-07 Micro Brass Coated Steel Fiber

The length-diameter ratio of this kind of steel fiber is 50 ~80. And the tensile strength is more than 2880Mpa. This DM-07 micro brass coated steel fiber is mainly used in high speed railway, RPC cover plate and important engineering components. The fiber diameter is 0.2-0.25 mm; the length is 13 mm.

It is a new type of steel fiber with the treats of high strength and toughness, high durability, well stability, etc. what's more, DM-07 micro brass coated steel fiber has other advantages, such as anti-tensile, anti-wear, anti-crack, anti-bending, impact resistance, etc.
It can meet the standard of JG/T3064-1999 "Steel Fiber Concrete", YB/T151-1999 "Concrete with Steel Fiber" and ASTM A820-90 "Fiber Concrete with Steel Fiber".

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