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Special Vehicles

This kind of vehicle is engaged in special operations. The corresponding operation equipment is added to the chassis for different purpose, such as recreational vehicle, airport bus, engineering van, blood collecting vehicle, prison van, etc.


1. Airport Bus ZK6140BD

2. Blood Collecting Vehicle ZK5150XYL

3. Prison Van ZK5151XQC

4. Recreational Vehicle ZK5150XLJ

Typical Blood Collecting Vehicle

This vehicle is a self-contained blood donor clinic that comes to you on schedule. It is a mobile medical vehicle. From the outside, the mobile blood donation unit is about as big as a city bus. This blood collecting vehicle is over forty-feet long, eight-feet wide and nearly fifteen feet high.

The blood collecting vehicle has a blood donor welcome area, private interview booths, comfortable donation beds, and a refreshment area where blood collecting vehicle blood donors are encouraged to enjoy coffee or juice after their blood donation. There are lots of windows in the blood collecting vehicle to allow for ample natural light. It can create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. You can see out; others can not see you when you are in the blood collecting vehicle.

Specification of ZK5150XYL blood collection vehicle:

Dimensions(mm) 10490×2500×3550
Passenger Capacity 0-0
G.V.W.(kg) 15000
Fuel Consumption(L/100km)  
Luggage Compartment(m3)  
Max. Speed(km/h) 120

Chassis of ZK5150XYL blood collection vehicle:

Engine YC6A260-30/YC6G270-30
Gearbox QJS6-90
Suspension Leaf spring (optional: air suspension)
Clutch SACHS GMF430

Body of ZK5150XYL blood collection vehicle:

Heating System
Air Conditioner Build-in alternating current cooling-heating A/C, wall-type alternating current cooling-heating A/C
Audio/Video SD card player, 17
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