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Mixer Truck

Mixer Truck

This truck is mainly used to transport concrete. It is mounted with round cylindrical pump that is used for carrying mixed material. During the transportation, the pump is keeping on rotating so that the concrete can not become solidification. After delivery of the finished concrete, it usually needs to wash the inside pump by water to prevent the rest concrete hardened inside which may occupy more space in the pump and reduce the mixing volume.
The Principle:
This trailer mounted pump truck consists of underpan, and pump mixing equipment. Work process is that: power plant will remove the vehicle chassis, and variable drive pump hydraulic system, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to pass quantitative motor, motor and then drive reducer, speed reducer driven by a stirring device, on the concrete for stirring.
1. Take power plant
2. Hydraulic system
3. Reduce
4. Control mechanism
5. Agitator
6. Cleaning system

Model: AH5382GJB Mixer Truck

Introduction and Features of Mixer truck:
1. Mixer truck is used to mix cement, asphalt and other materials. It is widely used in construction industry both China and abroad.
2. Our mixer truck is preferred for smart appearance, high efficiency, high safety and convenient operating system. 
4. We are professional construction machinery manufacturer, located in Shanghai, China.
Main parameters of AH5382GJB mixer truck:

(Mixer truck)
Model C13-380 (Carterpillar)
Type Four-stroke, water-cooled
in-line, four valves, direct injection
Max. Power 283kw (2100rpm)
Max. Torque 1966 N.M (1200rpm)
No. of Cylinder 6
Bore * Stroke 130*157 (mm)
Displacement 12.5L
Controller type Mechanical automation
Air cleaner Dry
Accessories Air conditioner,Mp3, imported steering device
(Mixer truck)
Model 9JS200T
Type Mechanical (synchronizer)
1st 14.05
2nd 8.38
3rd 6.22
4th 4.57
5th 3.40
6th 2.46
7th 1.83
8th 1.34
9th 1.00
Reverse 14.05
Wheels & Tires Rim 8.0-20
Tires 11.0-20
(Mixer truck)
Front Stub axle, double T-cross section
Rear Single reduction
hub reduction & final drive ratio: 5.73
Brake systems
(Mixer truck)
Service Full air brake, Dual circuit
Parking Spring actuator at rear wheels
Auxiliary Exhaust brake
Fuel tank
(Mixer truck)
Mounted on offside of the frame
Capacity 350L
Material Galvanized steel
(Mixer truck)
Driving position Left hand drive
Type Recirculation ball with integral power, oil-assisted
(Mixer truck)
Front Tapered leaf spring, with 9 semi-elliptic shape
Rear Tapered leaf spring, with 12 semi-elliptic shape
(Mixer truck)
Type Hydraulic control, air-assisted
Plate diameter Dry single plate with diaphragm
Outside diameter 430 mm
(Mixer truck)
Overall dimension 9680*2495*3850 (mm)
Effective Capacity 10m3
Kerb mass 14000kg
Number of axle 4
Tread 2065/2065/1860/1860 (mm)
Wheelbase 1850+3370+1350 (mm)
Min. Ground clearance 255mm
No. of Seat 3
Weight GVW 38000 kg
Electrical system
(Mixer truck)
Batteries 12 V (No. 2)
150 A (No. 2)
Alternator 24 V / 70A
Starter 24 V / 7.80kw
Calculated performance Max. Speed 75 km/h
Max. Grade ability 30 %
(Mixer truck)
Type Parallel, tapered channel section type
(reinforced by stiffeners and cross members)
Width (Front / Rear) 940/850 (mm)
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