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720Motor Grader

720Motor Grader

1.Good comfort whole adjustable console, outsourcing injection molding parts, supporting electronic monitoring operation panel, level 3 alarm. Driving indoor mirror, dome light are industry high standard configuration, even at night work also can ensure good operation lighting. About bridge on both sides of the door, on both sides of the up and down, up and down in front of another bridge the two pieces of glass design, glass can be opened the homework, even if the hot summer also can ensure the machine ventilation performance.
2.Power configuration, high strength strong 720 grader with the wood D6114 engine, power strong, matching sex is good;
3.Using hand throttle and feet throttle linkage control, which apply to machine posture to operate, and convenient to better control throttle size, by electric blanker.
4.Traction, more strong strength, and a comprehensive consideration on various conditions carefully set each gear running speed, to ensure that in various operation conditions have strong traction and the most appropriate running speed is perfect and unified, make the operator work more efficient, more low labor intensity.
5.Have higher reliability 720 grader is in after 12 years of actual use on the basis of technology promotion, the user and the manipulator feedback of information, and thousands of hours of detailed test, has become the best of the ground and slope homework experts.
6.The key parts imported, pump, motor, check valve are adopted the sino-foreign joint venture or domestic famous professional manufacturers of products, so the performance more reliable.
7.Have good stability and reasonable weight distribution, even in strickling harder ground also can maintain excellent stability, avoid general grader body dithering phenomenon;
8.Work device completely according to Japan komatsu technology manufacturing, all adopt A font U section traction frame, simple structure, high strength, turn over the flexible.
9.Good operability and maintainability using free maintenance storage battery, relays, fuses, electromagnetic suction iron switch in bridge right control box; Big open cover, maintenance, and within easy reach.


Power ratingKW: 147
Operating weight kg: 15100
Overall length mm: 8690
Overall width  mm: 2600
Overall hight mm: 3370
Blade hight  mm: 4268
Max.traveling speed: 49.2
Min. turning radius: 7300
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