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LTL60C Crawler Asphalt Paver

Crawler paver

LTL60C asphalt paver is used to pave asphalt for highway, urban road, plaza, and parking lots etc. It is the ideal machine for road construction.
The crawler paver is mechanical - hydraulic driving and is equipped with hydraulically extension screed and automatic leveling unit. LTL60C asphalt paver can pave the road with good leveling and high density. The vulnerable parts use advanced wearable material to secure the performance.

Crawler Paver Model: LTL60C
Type: Crawler
Paving Width (mm): 2500-6000
Paving Thickness (mm): 10-250
Paving Speed (m/min): 2.03~6.07 (2.23~6.67 with Cummins engine)
Traveling Speed (km/h): 1.55~4.62 (1.7~5.08with Cummins engine)
Max climb ability: 20%
Hopper Capacity (t): 10
Max. Theoretical output (t/h): 220
Weight (kg): 11000-12000
Overall Size: 5820×6034×2995 (operation)
5820×2494×2450 (transportation)
Engine: 4JR3AG7 four cylinders, water cooled engine

Drive System
The whole machine is driven mechanically-hydraulically. Flywheel end of engine is connected with transfer case. The front of engine is connected with split flow pumps to supply power to the components as follows:
1. Crawler traveling devices
2. Conveyor and screw feeder
3. Vibrating device
4. Hopper folded in & out, screed up & down and other cylinders action

Traveling Device
It is consisted of gear box, transfer case, traveling clutch and chain transmission.
The driven chain wheel activates the crawler.

Weight Bearing Mode
There are two crawlers. Each crawler ground touch area is 2672×300mm.

The traveling clutch is operated by hydraulic cylinder. The brake can make the machine turn at former place.

The capacity is 10 tons and operated by hydraulic cylinder for entire discharge.

Push Roller
The roller can swing to push the truck rear wheels.

Left and right conveyor is independently driven. Hydraulic cylinder controls the conveyor clutch and also controls the chain transmission to run the feeder.

Electrical System
The system is equipped with two batteries. The voltage is 24V.

It is consisted of steel tube and cloth.

Automatic Leveling Sensors
It has two grade leveling units, used for automatic adjustment.

Working Devices
Hydraulic extension screed
Screed      basic width……………………2500mm
Crown adjustment……………0~4%
2. Vibration     frequency                 50 Hz
3. mech extn    0.75m  …………………… 2 sector

Main Performance of crawler paver
1. 55kW water cooled engine made in China to offer powerful and reliable capacity, good start performance at low temperature.

2. Independent left & right conveyor and screw feeder
Independent operation for L/R conveyor and screw feeder, easy operation. Screw feeder is pieced mechanically. Screw feeder blade is made of wearable material, convenient replacement to ensure screw life.

3. Wide Eyeshot and Removable Operation Platform
All the control elements centralize on operation platform for easy operation. Operation platform can be moved right and left that can reduce job of operator and improve efficiency to guarantee pavement quality.

4. Auto Leveling Units to offer Reliability for Road Smoothness
The machine is equipped with two grade automatic leveling probes, grade smoothness 3mm/3m, which reaches the demand of high-grade road smoothness. It controls in time, convenient and intuitionistic. It can prevent the asphalt from valid filling to reduce construction cost.

5. Extendable Screed with world advanced wearable material at bottom
Stepless extendable screed can offer different paving width easily and fast.

6. Solid and durable crawler's device, which offers powerful traction
Thrust wheel can be adjusted by floating unit and machine's height to ensure driving smoothly, especially when paving on rough roadbed. Crawler traveling device is consisted of permanent lubricated thrust wheel and track shoes, which is durable, good adhesive and no easy slipping.

7. Advanced electrical technology, all the control elements and wires are numbered according to the electrical drawings for easy fault check.

Note: All the technical specifications mentioned above will maybe change as the technology development. Please refer to the final offer.

Key Parts
1. Engine: Quanjiao water cooled powerful engine.
2. Pump and Motor: Hefei Hydraulic products.
3. Vibricating motors use Tianjing hydraulic factory products/
4. Gearbox use 2nd truck brand.
5. Control valve use Yuci Yuken hydraulics products
5. Auto leveling units use domestic product
6. High-low change valve use Italy Atos.
7. Centralized lubrication use zhejiang HUABEIER.
8. Change valve use Italy Atos

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