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HP95 Versatile Function Paver

Versatile Function Paver HP95

HP95 versatile paver can pave asphalt, and road base material. It is widely used for the construction of highway, urban road, plaza, and parking lots etc.
The machine is hydraulic - mechanical driving and is equipped with mechanically pieced screed with vibrator and double tamper.HP95 versatile paver can pave the road with good leveling and high density. The vulnerable parts use advanced wearable material to secure the performance.

Paving Width (mm): 3000-9500
Paving Thickness (mm): 20-320
Paving Speed (m/min): 0-17
Traveling Speed (km/h): 0-4
Engine Power (kW): 133
Hopper Capacity (t): 13
Max. Theoretical output (t/h): 600
Vibrating Frequency (Hz): 0-50
Tampering Frequency (Hz): 0-1500
Weight (kg): 19000~24000
Overall Size: 6130×3182×3713
Engine: six cylinders, water cooled engine 133Kw/2300r/min

Driving System
The whole machine is driven by hydraulic and mechanical systems, the engine is connected with transfer case and split flow pumps. The transfer case connected with three group split flow pumps to supply power to the components as follows:
1. Crawler traveling devices
2. Conveyor and screw feeder
3. Tamper and vibrating device
4. Hopper folded in & out, screed up & down and other cylinders action

Traveling Device
It is consisted of transfer case, pump, motor, gearbox, traveling clutch and chain transmission.
The driven chain wheel activates the crawler.

Weight Bearing Mode
There are two crawlers. Crawler patches are configured with rubber. Each crawler ground touch area is 3214×320mm.

The traveling clutch is operated by hydraulic cylinder. The brake can make the machine turn at situ.

The capacity is 13 tons and operated by hydraulic cylinder for entire discharge.

Push Roller
The roller can swing to push the truck rear wheels.

Conveyor System
Scraper is used to convey material. Conveyor soleplate is made of imported wearable steel plate.
Transmission: There is respective hydraulic driving system for each scrape conveyor, which is composed of gear pump, motor, speed reducer and chain transmission. The driven chain wheel activates the scraper.
Operation speed: 0-29m/min. Manual operation can be realized through the switches on the operation console. Auto-operation is realized directly by ultrasonic material sensor.

Feeder System  
The system uses screw feeder which blades are of high wearable material and are easily replaced.
Transmission: There is respective closed hydraulic driving system for each screw feeder, which is composed of variable displacement pump, motor, speed reducer and chain transmission. The driven chain wheel runs the screw.
Operation speed: 0-100r/min, three-step speed change can be realized through the switches on the operations console. Auto-operation is realized directly by ultrasonic material sensor.

Electrical System
The system is equipped with two batteries. The system voltage is 24V.

It is of whole assembly and adjustable air cylinder can place on lower-most point when traveling.

Automatic Leveling Units
There are two longitudinal and one transverse automatic leveling units for adjusting longitudinal and transverse level automatically.

Working Devices
Mechanical Extended Screed
1. Double tamper impact stroke      primary tamper: 3, 5, 7, 9mm
Secondary tamper : 0, 3, 6, 9, 12mm
2. Extended screed: 1.5m                
segments: 1m                  
segments: 0.5m                 
segments: 0.25m
Main Performance
1. Right and Left Hand Conveyors and Feeders are controlled by Ultrasonic Material Level Sensors to make sure automatic and even feed of material
There is respective hydraulic system for left and right conveyors and feeders. The system is automatically controlled by four ultrasonic material level sensors. The height of material feed is controlled effectively. Auger of big diameter can be adjusted to up or down according to paving thickness to reduce material separation, and to guarantee paving quality.

2. Centralized Lubrication System
The system charges lubricating to all high-temperature bearings automatically, which improves much the convey and feed reliability, and reduces the failure rate maximally.

3. Auto Leveling Unit to offer Reliability for Road Smoothness
The machine is equipped with two longitudinal and one transverse automatic leveling unit, which reaches the demand of high-grade road smoothness. It controls in time, convenient and intuitionistic. It can prevent the asphalt from valid filling to reduce construction cost.

4. Advanced Screed Device
Screed device has vibrating and double temper, better quality of preliminary pressure. Reducing workload of roller to save time and cost. One line type of mechanic connection, good stiffness. Screed is made of advanced high bearing material in the world. Improving bearing of screed soleplate.

Key Parts
1. Engine: Germany Deutz water cooled diesel engine
2. Pump and Motor: Germany REXROTH
3. Transfer Case: Italy BREVINI
4. Control Valves: Beijing HUADE
5. Automatic Leveling Units: Germany MOBA
6. Electric Elements and Switches: USA HONEYWELL

Note: All the technical specifications mentioned above will maybe change as the technology development. Please refer to the final offer.

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