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Double steel wheel roller

The double drum hydraulic vibratory roller, also known as tandem vibratory roller, is compact and mainly applied to mending and maintaining various roads, expressway shoulder, side walk, parking area, sports ground and garden lawn. This engineering machine is divided into the mechanical tandem vibratory roller and hydraulic tandem vibratory roller according to the transmission device.

Mechanical double drum vibratory roller
Mechanical double drum vibratory roller is a typical tandem vibratory roller. By adopting mechanical drive, hydraulic vibration and steering, it is especially suited for compacting pipeline channel and drainage trench etc. Reliable and super engine with large power storage enable its low oil consumption. Scrapers and sprinkling devices on all drums ensure good performance in work.

Hydraulic tandem vibratory roller
Hydraulic tandem vibratory roller has full hydraulic travel and vibration drive in both drums. It is ideal for construction conditions. The engineering machine adopts advanced technology to achieve high working efficiency, such as center articulated steering with crabwalk unit for flexible maneuverability, integrated multi-disc wet brake with oil-cutoff braking for reliable safety, electric power sprinkler system with large capacity reinforced polyethylene water tank etc.

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