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719 Motor Grader

719 Motor Grader

1 single lever electro-hydraulic control, loading shift, after the first six three files, hands and feet throttle both independent and coordination.
2 the efficient environmental protection on wood D6114 turbocharged engine, and ChangLin drive system perfect combination, proven, go up in the design special emphasis on parts strength and safety coefficient, reliable performance.
3 simple reliable full hydraulic pressure control, easy to realize comprehensive regulation of various action
4 ideal bridge load distribution in the cutting a hard ground also can maintain excellent stability and adaptability.
Five broad scraping soil plate and articulated frame connections, the machine is suitable for various kinds of practical work.
6 liquid top liquid four-wheel internal expanding hoof type crane brake system, plus a median start, safe and reliable.
7 strong main frame and reliable drive system, big front axle and balance box swing Angle, rear axle input flange connecting bolt improvement, solve the loose phenomenon, rear axle and balance box connection end improve the sealing effect, solve the oil leakage fault, make the machine more easy to complete heavy homework.
8 wheel edge drive, exclusive imported technology enhanced double row roller chain: the average fracture strength for 26000 kg
9 the single gear oil pump via diverter valve to two control valve oil, including rotary oil circuit and interflow, such already ensuring each movement speed, and make the whole system with low energy consumption. In the work device ascension, side pendulum, frame articulated, front wheel side pendulum, and other back to the road set hydraulic lock, realize accurate control of action. Hydraulic system in the way of lifting oil earthen pipe imported hydraulic balance valve, work stability is good.
10 with automatic locking and releasing device (anti-skid) differential, in order to ensure that you get the best of smooth steering.
11. in order to adapt to the machine of heavy duty operation, strictly guarantee scraping soil board the main stress components intensity, scraper than ordinary flat confidential thick 30%.
12. electrical system pipeline to further perfect, layout, the exterior line increase pipe clamp, basic wrapped in stent; Headlamps and the former turn light support and the former mirror support independence, give full consideration to the operation of the night.
13. optional scarifier before and after scarifier, former bulldozing plate, the changes in temperature and air conditioning, automatic leveling, prevent LaJia devices.


Power rating KW: 140
Operating weight kg: 15000
Overall length mm: 8935
Overall width  mm: 2600
Overall hight mm: 3370
Blade length  mm: 4268
Max.traveling speed: 49.2
Min. turning radius: 7300
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