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PY165C-5Motor Grader

PY165C-5Motor Grader

1.The efficient environmental protection on wood turbocharged engine, and ChangLin drive system proven, go up in the design special emphasis on parts strength and safety coefficient, reliable performance.
2.Choose electric liquid control power shift gearbox, single handle operation.
3.Rear axle with automatic locking release of differential, the balance for chain wheel drive, choose super enhanced double row roller chain. 17.5-125-12 pr wide base tire as standard equipment.
4.Adopts full hydraulic steering system, steering Angle is big, the minimum steering radius is better than the domestic similar products.
5.Using a single gear oil pump via diverter valve to two control valve oil, including rotary oil circuit and interflow, such already ensuring each movement speed, and the whole system with low energy consumption.
6.In the work device ascension, side pendulum, frame articulated, front wheel side pendulum, and other back to the road set hydraulic lock, realize accurate control of action.
7.All adopt A font U section structure, the structure is simple, high strength, turn over the flexible, and can realize shovel knife 900 tilt and gear ring 3600 rotation
8.Crane brake using hydraulic booster type after four wheel hub hoof type brake system, the key element brake booster for MICO company products. When driving brake, engine passed to the transmission power is cut off.
9.The unique turn type shield design, the greatest degree of for user consideration, maintenance is very convenient. Bridge internal design give full consideration to the driver's comfort.


Power rating KW: 123
Operating weight kg: 14500
Overall length mm: 8630
Overall width  mm: 2600
Overall hight mm: 3370
Blade hight  mm: 3660
Max.traveling speed: 48.5
Min. turning radius: 7300
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