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SD9 Bulldozer

SD9 Bulldozer

SD9 Bulldozer is utilized with semi-rigid suspension, hydraulic-mechanical transmission, elevated sprocket track type, wholly hydraulic operation, pilot hydraulic controlling blade operation, modular designing components easily for maintaining, portable laborsaving nicey man-machine designing controlling system, electric monitoring, ROPS cabin, many optional equipments, broadly used in transport, desert, oil field, power station, mine, swamp etc. large-scale soil stone construction. You can select original American CUMMINS Engine, emission standard meet with Tier3 with lower fuel consumption and stronger power output.

Main Specifications

Specifications Dozer type Tilt
Overall dimension (LxWxH)   (mm) 8478x4314x3910 (Without ripper)
Operation weight (kg) 44580 (Without ripper)
48880 (With ripper)
Ground pressure   (kPa) 102 (Without ripper)
112 (With ripper)
Track gauge (mm) 2250
Min. ground clearance  (mm) 517
Gradient (°) 30 /25
Dozing capacity (m3) 13.5
Blade width (mm) 4314
Max. Digging depth (mm) 614
Engine Manufacturer CUMMINS
Model KTA19-C525S10
Flywheel power (KW/HP) 316/430
Rated Rotation Speed (r/min) 1800
Torque storage coefficient 18%
Model QSX15
Rated Rotation Speed (r/min) 1800
Flywheel power (KW/HP) 316/430
Torque storage coefficient 18%
Implement hydraulic system Max. System pressure (Mpa) 18.3
Pump type Two vane pump
System output (L/min) 358
Torque converter Torque converter is power separating hydraulic-mechanic type.
Transmission Planetary, power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted.
Steering clutch The steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, usually separated clutch.
Steering brake The braking clutch is hydraulic pressed, separated hydraulic, constant meshed type.
Final drive The final drive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism. Splash lubrication. 
Undercarriage system Type The track is triangle shape. The sprocket is elevated elastic suspended.
Number of track rollers (each side) 8
Pitch (mm) 240
Width of shoe (mm) 610


The bulldozer, also called dozer, is a piece of earthmoving equipment widely used in the construction site. There is a front-mounted dozer blade used to push solid forward to make formed land. The bulldozer is widely used for road construction, water and electricity engineering, farmland leveling, port building, mining and other construction conditions. We can offer all kind of bulldozer from 80HP to 420HP by introducing Komatsu and Caterpillar technology.
The main subassembly of a bulldozer includes: tracked chassis, protective driver cage, rear-mounted ripper claw and a variety of front-mounted blades. Bulldozer blade and the ripper are the primary tools of bulldozers or dozers. There are straight blade (S-blade), universal blade (U-blade), U combination blade that can be used in the dozer to push piles of large rocks. The ripper is equipped with a replaceable tungsten steel alloy tip that can be installed on the back of the bulldozer (dozer). It can let the large rocks broken into small rubble for easy handling and transport

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