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Dry Powder Fire-Engine

Dry Powder Fire-Engine

This vehicle is composed of fire fighting pump, water tank, foam hybrid system, foam gun and other fire fighting equipment. It can pull out the fire independently. In addition, this dry power fire-engine can also transfer water and foam mixture to the fire site. It is particularly suitable for pulling out the oil fire. Therefore, this truck can be applied to petroleum chemical industry, mining enterprises, oil transportation port, and the fire fighting work in daily life.

Regular Configuration:
Fire fighting suction pipe (10cm in diameter, 4m in length)×2, water filter×1, fire hose (6.5cm in diameter, 20m in length; 8.5cm in diameter, 20m in length)×2, water hose hook×4, different diameter interface (6.5-8.5cm in diameter)×2, the same interface×1, etc.

Tipical Truck :Dongfeng EQ153 Truck With Crane

Technical Parameters of Fire Fighting Truck
Item parameters
model EQ1141G truck crane
chassis model EQ1141G7DJ2
Weight of crane 3.2 (SQ3.2SD2)
max gross weight 14300
load weight 5855 Kg
board total mass 7900 Kg
overall dimension 8530×2470×3125 mm
Cargo box size 3202×2294×550 mm
wheelbase 5000 mm
engine model Cummins engine EQB180-20
displacement/power 5880/180 ml/ps
top speed 90 km/h
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