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Foam Fire Truck

Name SINOTRUCK HOWO double-back axle foam fire truck
Category Tank and foam dual-use
Tank Capacity Water: 12000L  Foam: 3000L
Classes of fire Petroleum, chemicals, and normal fire
Tax exemption Announcement The Twntieth batch (First series of 2010) Click Quiry on page 174 f
Motorcycle type
SINOTRUCK HOWO double-back axle foam fire truck is converted from SINOTRUCK HOWO ZZ1257M4647C.  With compact structure, dynamic performance, high speed, the fire truck is fully fire fighting. Beside the fire pump and equippments, there are bigger storage tanks, hydraulic monitor and fire water monitor. The truck can be used to carry water and firefighters, uptake water from water source and provide for other fire trucks. In water-deficient areas, it can be also used as water-supply truck. It's necessary for petroleum, chemical, mines and ports areas.
Fire Equippments


Model JDF5280GXFPM120Z foam fire truck Chassis model ZZ1257M4647C
Weight Parameters (kg) Rated Load Capacity 15000 Overall dimension 10025×2500×3420
Complete vehicle kerb mass 13100 Cabinet size  
Maximum total mass 28550 Wheel Base 4325+1350,4600+1350
Engine Parameter Model WD615.92 Manufacturer SINOTRUCK
Power 196/266 hp Output volume 9726
Emission standard GB17691-2005 phase Ⅲ,GB3847-2005
Passangers 2+4 Max. Speed 90km/h Number of Leaf Springs 9/12,10/12,10/-
Tyre 11.00-20,12.00-20 Front overhang 1500 Rear overhang 2490
Axle load 6900/20700(Tandem axle) Front gauge 1939,1958 Rear Track 1800/1800,1830/1830
Others The capacity of water tank is 15000kg, The fire man is 75kg/per person (hypothetical).  Rear Protraction: 60mm; Lateral and rear-end protection materials: Q235, hemline-structure. Ground clearance of rear-end protection device: 540mm

Special Function

Cab Flattop metallic closed crew cab is connected with crew department. Four-door, full-view windshield.
Tank High-quality carbon steel, welded, vertical and horizonal SHIM, antiseptic treatment.
Pump House Midship or rear-mounted pump, around the poump and storage compartment, there is new-type, high strength alufer rolling door.
Storage Compartment Borrow advanced aluminium alloy sections inboard hingedtower technology from Europe wi th      riveting structure.
Electrical equipment The top of the cab is long line alarm lamp. The end of the truck is euipped with 24V, 60W fireground floodlight. Ther are burst flashing lights on both sides, safety marker lamps at the bottom, Floodlights and 100W alarm device, rotary alarm lamp switch are avalible in crew department, storage compartment, pump room.
Dedicated function Water tank capacity (L) 12000 Concentrated tank tankcapacity(L) 3000  
Fire monitor Type PP48 dual-use fire monitor Range Water≥60m/1.0Mpa
Fire pump(normal pressure pump) Type BS60 Rated Flow 60L/s
Rated Pressure 1.0MPa Time of drawing water ≤35s(7m suction height)
Fire pump(low-pressure pump) Type CB20.10/30.60 Time of drawing water ≤50s(7m suction height)
Low pressure flow 60L/s/1.0MPa Medium-pressure flow 30L/s/2.0Mpa

Fire Equippments

Fire Equippment
No. Name Q'TY Type
1 135×4 msuction pipe assembly   2
2 135 suction pipe wrench   2
3 135 water filter   1
4 Triple head distributor (insertion-type)   1
5 135 (insertion-type) water collectormanifold   1
6 Sraight stream nozzle QZ19 1
7 Sraight flowering nozzle QZH19 1
8 Sraight switch nozzle QZG19 1
10 ∮65water hose (polyurethane, insertion-type coupling, 20m /set) 16type   8cases
11 ∮80 water hose (polyurethane, insertion-type coupling, 20m /set) 16type   4cases
12 Chafing block   1
13 Hose strap   1
14 Hose gaiter   1
15 Hermaphroditic coupling KJ50/65 1
16 Hermaphroditic coupling KJ65/80 1
17 65 buckle/65 male coupling KX65/65 1
18 65 buckle /80 male coupling KX65/80 1
19 80 buckle /65 male coupling KX80/65 1
20 80 buckle /80 male coupling KX80/80 1
21 Underground hydrant wrench   1
22 Underground hydrant wrench   1
23 Fire Bucket    
24 Fire Lift    
25 Fire borad axe    
26 Fire axe    
27 Crowbar    
Technical Documents
1 Fire truck operating instruction   1
2 Certification   1
4 Automobile chassis operating instruction   1
6 Fire pumps operating instruction   1
7 Quality warranty card   1
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