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JDF5280GXFSG120Z fire engine

1 JDF5280GXFSG120Z fire engine type foam-dry powder combined fire truck is refitted with EQ1141G7DJ chassis respectively ,With reasonable arrangement, novel modeling, rear-ship pump and compact structure ,it's very easy using and maintenance, Widely used in petrol-chemical enterprise ,oil depot ,storehouse, shop and market, also is the main fire truck for professional fire brigade of large and medium city.
2, JDF5280GXFSG120Z fire engine special configuration: tank, pump room, equipment boxes, power output and transmission system, piping system, electrical system etc.
3 JDF5280GXFSG120Z fire engine: Oblique fire pump and atmospheric of low-voltage fire pump, high and low voltage fire pump.
fire engine
1.fire pump controlled by electric,advanced fire pump;
2. our factory is professional in all kinds of fire truck

Product JDF5280GXFSG120Z fire engine  
Cubage(T) Container size
length/width/height (mm)
Vehicle parameters Overalldimension length/width/height (mm) 10025×2500×3600
Gross weight (kg) 27600
curb weight(kg) 14800
Approach/departure angle 16/13
Max speed 90
Vehicle Description Section Water tank volume(kg)12000L L   
Chassis Chassis model ZZ1257M4647C
Wheelbase (mm) 4600+1350
Front tread 2022
Rear tread 1830/1830
Tyre specification 11.00-20
Fuel type Diesel
Engine parameters Engine  WD615.92
Exhaust/ Power  (ml/kw) 9726/196
Engine Manufacturer China national heavy duty truck group Co., LTD
Choose trucks allocation fire monitor:
Model:PL24   flow(L/S): 24
Water throw range: ≥ 50(m)      Foam throw range:≥ 45(m)
Powder monitor:
Model:FP20    Spray rate(kg/s)≥20(m)   Throw range:≥25(m) 
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