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LG30BG Forklift

Electric forklift LG30BG:
1. Key parts of the machine such as electric control system, motor and instrument are famous brands and strictly checked by reliability test which ensured the stability of the performance.
2. DIN standard battery.
3. Equipped with advanced steering deceleration system which removed your trouble of using foot brake during steering.
4. The design of rational structure and low battery position descended the center of gravity and improved the stability of the forklift.
5. The AC motor keeps you from the trouble of changing carbon brush frequently.
6. LIN instrument Bus Line integrated more functions.
7. Higher carrying efficiency and faster carrying speed (load 14km/h unload 15km/h).
8. High efficiency motor of oil pump supplies fast lifting speed: high efficiency oil pump lows noise of the machine.

Overall Data of Electric ForkliftLG30BG

Model Number LG 30BG
Power Type AC Electric
Load capacity 3000kg
Overall L×H×W 3610×2175×1225 mm
Battery Capacity 80V/500Ah
Mast tilt angle(deg) 6/12
Min. turning radius (mm) 2300
Max. Traveling speed (km/h) (load/unload) 18.5/20
Traveling speed (Km/h): 13.5/14
Max gradient (load/unload) (%): 12/15
Lift speed(mm/s) 300/450
Motor Travel(KW) 9
Lift(KW) 15
Battery(V/ah) 80/500
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