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Dongfeng Tianjin Van Truck

Dongfeng Tianjin Van Truck

Jiangling refrigerator truck adopts JX1060TG23 chassis. It is composed of special automobile chassis, heat insulation body, refrigeration units, temperature recorders and other parts. Other parts can be added, such as meat hook, aluminum alloy guide rail, ventilation chamfer, etc. Therefore, this truck can be used to transfer cold and fresh meat. It features beautiful appearance, outstanding function, stable performance, etc. The truck can be used to transfer all kinds of medicine, food and other items that require the fresh preservation, cold storage.

Item Jianglin Refrigerator Truck
Application Frozen foods, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, vaccine medicine, etc.
Body volume 11.85m3
Min. temperature -18℃

Parameters of refrigerator truck

Model JDF5060XLCJ Refrigerator Truck Chassis model JX1060TG23
Quality  (kg) Rated quality (kg) 2500 Overall dimension(mm) 5995×1950×2900
Kerb weight (kg) 3160 Body dimension(mm) 4100×1700×1700
Total mass(kg) 5790 Axle distance 3360
Engine parameter Type JX493ZLQ3A Manufacturer Jiangling Motors Corporation, Ltd
Power 75/105 kw Discharge 2771
Discharge standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005, National Ⅲ
Passenger number in cab 2 Max. speed(km/h) 95km/h Spring number 7/5+5
Tyre 7.00R16LT,7.00-16LT Front overhang 1015 Rear overhang 1620
Axle load 2200/3590 Front wheel base(mm) 1385 Back wheel base(mm) 1425
Other The top of this truck is closed. The refrigeration unit is from other factories. The material of side protection device is Q235. The connection mode is welding. And the protection device size (W× H) : 30 × 100 (mm). the height of the bottom protection device from ground is 420 mm.

Special Function of Jianglin Refrigerator Truck

Cab This metal cab has single seat, double door, and panoramic windshield. Other parts can be added, such as new mask, front bumper, former lamps, etc.
Body structure The body is connected with the shape of sandwich. The heat insulation is well. It adopts fully enclosed polyurethane plate glass fiber reinforced plastic binding structure. The body plates is connected with unsaturated polyester resin. It has the features of low thermal conductivity, high strength, light weight, and low heat leakage rate, well heat preservation.
Body materials The body is composed of plastic plates with closed structure. The internal and external are glass plates; the intermediate is polyurethane foam insulation materials.
Refrigeration unit The refrigeration unit is installed in the front of the container. It has stronger refrigeration ability than other air conditioning. The refrigeration unit can be independent and dependent type units. There are a variety of units are available, such as Carrier, Japan Mitsubishi, etc. We can install the refrigerator if you need. The minimum temperature can be up to -20℃.
Paint The body and other metal attachments is sprayed anti-corrosion paint. The paint is high adhesion; even paint film, light color lasting, etc. It can bear damp, dusty, salt fog and other bad environment. And it will not craze, peeling, fade.
Refrigeration Unit Parameter of Jianglin Refrigerator Truck(t=35℃)
Unit model L - Z15
Applicable temperature (℃) -18 - 0
Applicable volume (m3) 8-14
Cooling capacity 0 ℃ 1380
-15 ℃ 860
Compressor Model 5H12/PLM-13TC
Type Awry plate type
Displacement(cc/r) 138
Lubricating oil RL68S
Condenser Type Inner screw tube and aluminum fin
Air volume 2 ×850m3/h
Voltage 12V/24VDC
Evaporator Type Inner screw tube and aluminum fin
Air volume 2×700 m3/h
Voltage 12V/24VDC
Throttle type External equalizer expansion valve
Refrigerant R134a
Charger 1.2kg
Defrost type Hot gas defrost
Structure Dispersion non-independent type
Installation type Roof-mounted type
Dimensions Evaporator 830×360×160
Condensing unit 900×420×250
Weight(kg) Evaporator 14
Condensing unit 16
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