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Wheel Loader CDM855F

Large loader CDM855F features:
Powerful Weichai Engine.                                
Pilot Control System.
Automatic Leveling.
Convenient Maintenance.
Large wheel loader CDM855F features by
1. High dumping height and large dumping distance.
2, Lonking self-made planet type transmissions.
3. Strengthened and optimized structure design.
4. Electro-hydraulic shift control.
5. Transmission shaft with end tooth structure.
6. Double pump confluence.
7. Pressure differential automatic alarm device.
8. Wide view cab.

Parameter of Wheel Loader

Model Number CDM855F
Bucket Capacity 3m3
Rated Load 5000kg
Rated Power 92kw
Operating Weight 17700kg
Traction Force (kN):  155±3
Breakout Force (kN):                 170±3
Engine:  Weichai WD10G220E11
Peak Torque (Nm/rpm):
Starting Voltage (V):
Drive Train:
Torque Converter: Single-stage, Single-turbine,3-element
Torque Ratio:
Transmission:  Planetary power shift Transmission
Gear: 2F/1R
Pressure of Transmission (mpa):
Main Reducer:
Final Reducer: Planetary Reduction
Tire: 23.5-25 L-3 16PR
Brake System:
Service Brake: Single Circuit Caliper, Dry Brake
Setting Pressure (mpa):
Parking & Emergency Brake: Air Actuated Caliper Brake                             
Steering system type: Hydraulic Load Sensing
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