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Compact Wheel loader CDM823D

Features of the compact loader:
Powerful Engine
Automatic Leveling

Parameter of Compact Wheel loader

Model Number CDM823D
Bucket Capacity 1.2m3
Rated Load 2300kg
Rated Power 65kw
Operating Weight 6500kg
Traction Force (kN):  48
Breakout Force (kN):                  68
Travel Speed (km/h):               
                          Forward 8.8 24.8
                          Reverse 8.5 24.8
Engine:  YTR LR4B3-24
Peak Torque (Nm/rpm): 292-305/1400-1600
Starting Voltage (V): 24
Drive Train:  
Torque Converter: Single-stage, Single-turbine,3-element
Torque Ratio: 3.7
Transmission: Fixed Shaft Hydraulic Shift Spur Gear
Gear: 2F/2R
Pressure of Transmission (mpa): 1.2-1.5
Main Reducer: Spiral bevel, 1-stage Reduction
Final Reducer: Planetary Reduction
Tire: 16/70-20
Brake System:  
Service Brake: Air drive, four wheel brake (dry)
Setting Pressure (mpa): 0.78
Parking & Emergency Brake: Flexible Shaft Controlled Caliper
Steering system type: Hydraulic Load Sensing
Steering pump:                          Shared with working pump
Working pump:                         Gear pump
Hydraulic cycle time, rated load in bucket (in second)
Raise (loaded)                  Dump Lower (empty)       Total
5.6 1.3 3.7 10.6
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